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As a Mammoth Wellness member you can now receive an exclusive discount on any home wellness with Technogym product by using the promo code AC-1693789 at the Technogym Store.

You can also receive a personalised wellness consultation to discuss your fitness equipment requirements by clicking here.


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Featured Products

Active Sitting Ball 3

Active Sitting Ball


Improve your lifestyle with Wellness Ball Active Sitting™. Turn the time you spend sitting at work, at home into an opportunity to exercise and be more active.

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Elastic Bands


Equipped with easy-to-hold handles, our Elastic Bands come in three different resistances for toning and strengthening all the major muscle groups.

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Balance Pad Technogym

Balance Pad


Improve joint stability, balance and proprioception with the unstable surface of this pad.

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Technogym Bike


Technogym Bike comes with the Technogym Trainers’ on-demand classes, Technogym Outdoors, and Total Body Workouts. 30 days free trial included for 1Rebel and Revolution’s live and on-demand classes.

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Technogym MyRun

Technogym MyRun


Refined and compact design, adaptive running surface, and tailored training sessions right from your tablet. Perfect for home wellness with Technogym

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Technogym Bench


Get the all-inclusive functional training kit that empowers you to perform myriads of total body workouts. It combines elastic bands, hexagon dumbbells, weighted knuckles and a training mat in a compact footprint.

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Here at Mammoth we are delighted to partner with Technogym, the leading global provider of fitness and Wellness solutions for over 35 years.

Technogym provide a complete range of cardio, strength and functional equipment alongside a digital cloud-based platform. Their innovative solutions allow you to connect with your own personal wellness experience anytime, anywhere.

With a presence in the world’s most exclusive fitness clubs, hotels, spas and professional sports facilities, the Technogym brand has always been affiliated with innovative design and exceptional service.

You can now bring this prestige experience into your home with fitness solutions designed to keep you fit and active all year round.

Guide to buying gym equipment

If you are looking for where to buy gym and fitness equipment, at Technogym you can find the right ones for you and have them delivered wherever you want. Not only exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and treadmills for sale, here you can find machinery and tools for training different parts of the body. Among the simplest and most versatile there are the wellness ball, the jump rope, kettlebells and dumbbells which are suitable for toning the muscles and maintaining a better physical shape and are perfect to carry on the go. For a more targeted workout there are specific benches and racks depending on the part of the body you want to focus on.

How to choose the gym equipment that’s right for you?

First, establish what your goals are: if you want to increase muscle mass or strength, if you prefer to train the body in certain parts or as a whole. Then carefully evaluate the space you have available and reflect on the fitness equipment that would most help you achieve your goals. Finally, take a look on the Technogym shop and discover the products that are most suitable for your type of training. You can request a catalog or a quote according to your needs. Discover the entire range of Technogym products – helping you achieve peak fitness whether you’re trying to build up strength, train naturally with functional equipment or find the perfect cardio workout. We provide equipment for businesses, personal use, trainers and more with expertly-crafted exercise equipment to make sure we cater to everyone’s workout needs.

Professional Standard Gym Equipment

Technogym only makes the highest-quality gym equipment and has proudly been the official supplier of fitness equipment to the Olympic and Paralympic Games for the last two decades. That’s how you can be sure that when you try a Technogym product, it meets the standards used to help athletes become the best in the world.
The Technogym range of products includes fitness equipment that can be used as part of group exercise sessions and medically-certified gear that can aid in the recovery of muscle-related injuries.

Visit the Technogym website to see the full range avilable